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Cats naturally want to scratch things. These might be your furniture, curtains, woodwork, carpet and so on. It’s a mistake to think that declawing is a harmless remedy for scratching. Declawing can cause physical problems for your cat, in addition to making them less likely to use the litter box or more likely to bite.


Declawing is inhumane and it’s also radical surgery. Some vets have likened it to cutting a person’s fingers off up to the first knuckle. They have to cut away that much of the cat’s toes to be sure the claw does not grow back.


Our sales contract prohibits a new owner from declawing a kitten purchased from us. Please provide several scratching posts or trees for your cat to scratch and train them to use these instead of your furniture.


Another important aspect to think about is that if your declawed cat ever found himself outside he would have no protection against predators and he wouldn’t even be able to climb a tree to escape.


For more information about declawing, click here; 

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